Descent Journey

Descent Journey
A Collective Dreaming Poem, Inspired by Persephone

Black and shimmering, a shrouded woman
Beckons me to take the journey down to
Where Shades kiss me on the forehead
Gifts are not always obvious at first glance –
Crossing a river, making a long journey
Sometimes fills me with a fear that makes it hard to breathe
Gifts are not always obvious at first glance –
A crystal, with jagged edges, blossoming
Like the events in my life that have brought me to this point
Painful, yet powerful
And poignant.

Caves, dirt, footprints that lead me there and back
The Depth and the Light in a sacred circle
My visions are dreams are memories,
Golden keys to open old doors
Falling like Alice down to Wonderland,
Watching layers of dirt pass overhead as I fall
Deeper into my trance I lust, wanderlust –
Pulled back to attention by drum and whistle.

Conversations with the Gods have no words;
No great relief, and yet I want to remember this journey, this place
A pomegranate seeded with more questions than answers –
All the “whys” that have no “because”
Tasting sweet on my lips.


©2016, 2019 Jamie Michelle Waggoner and the participants of the Persephone’s Descent workshop (September 2016).