Hades Day 2

30 Days of Devotion
Day 2: How did you become first aware of this deity?

Maiden02_NataliaDrepinaLike many young people, I grew up on a steady diet of myth and story. Greek mythology was a cornerstone of this diet; one of my oldest memories is piling into the elementary school gymnasium on a rainy day to watch Clash of the Titans on Betamax with my classmates. (The, ahem, 1981 version. Yes, I am *that old*.) My first awareness of Hades, and most of the Hellenic pantheon, came from exposure to the classics in school.

For many years the story of Persephone’s descent to the Underworld, essential to the lore of Hades, was the scope of my experience with the Lord of the Dead. In fact, my very first ritual, at the autumnal equinox in 1999, included a spirit flight to speak with Persephone. Although I love and admire Her, it was Her consort who would eventually become one of my patron deities. Persephone provided an Underwordly introduction, or perhaps a thought-seed pathway, all those many moons ago.

And this bit of magical foreshadowing: one of my college roommates was named Persephone.Maiden01_NataliaDrepina

Featured photo credit: Masaaki Komori via Unsplash. The photo is of narcissus in bloom, one of the flowers that Persephone was said to pick as Hades entered Her sacred grove. Other accounts claim the flower She picked was Asphodel. The lovely bone maiden photos are by Natalia Drepina.