Hades Day 6

30 Days of Devotion
Day 6: Names and Epithets

Here I’ve chosen just a few of my favorites…

  • Adamastos: Untamed, unbroken (Gr.)
  • Adesius: Of the grave (Gr.)
  • Aidoneus: Unseen, secret (Gr.)
  • Amenthes: One who receives and gives (Egp.)
  • Chthonios: Of the earth (Gr.)
  • Dis: Gaulish name for Hades
  • Eita or Aita: Etruscan name for Hades
  • Eubulius: One who consoles (Gr.)
  • Nekrodegmon: Receiver of the dead (Gr.)
  • Orkos: Referencing oaths (Gr.) — Hades often avenged the perjured
  • Plouton: Wealthy One (Gr.) — as in the wealth of the earth and soil
  • Polydegmon: Host of many (Gr.)
  • Quietalis: Rest (Ltn.)

A very complete list of Hades’ epithets, with source documentation, can be found here: http://www.hellenicgods.org/plouton—the-epithets. Many thanks to the folks at Hellenic Gods for compiling such an epic list.

Featured photo credit: Oscar Keys via Unsplash. Skull photo credit: unknown.