Underneath Llyn Tegid

The Welsh enchantress-goddess Ceridwen is a Crone deity I have worked with for 20 years. Although not always portrayed as an old woman, she very much fits the crone aspect of devouring mother. If you’re not familiar with her story and lore, the bulk of it can be found in the Hanes Taliesin (The Tale of Taliesin). In this tale, we learn of how Ceridwen brewed the Awen, the elixir of inspiration, in her great pearl-rimmed cauldron. When the brew was stolen (some say purposefully, some say accidentally) by a young boy named Gwion Bach, Ceridwen and Gwion engage in an epic initiatory chase across the land, transforming into various animals before Ceridwen finally swallows the boy whole.

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Descent Journey

A Collective Dreaming Poem, Inspired by Persephone

Black and shimmering, a shrouded woman
Beckons me to take the journey down to
Where Shades kiss me on the forehead
Gifts are not always obvious at first glance –
Crossing a river, making a long journey
Sometimes fills me with a fear that makes it hard to breathe…

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Cultivating Sensitivity

On the eve of my birthday, I go walking in the woods with Ceridwen. She takes me by the hand, leading me to the shore of a dark lake. The sky is cloudy; mist drifts slowly across its surface. The air is damp. The last dry leaves of a dying autumn crunch under my feet.…

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