Resource List

My curated list of resources. Many of these books have gone through multiple reprints over the years; where known, I have listed the date of the latest edition. Also included are artists, philosophers, podcasters and other wyrd folk who continue to inspire me. Enjoy!


Feral: Rewilding Land, Sea and Human Life, George Monbiot, U. Chicago Press 2017.
The Spell of the Sensuous
, David Abram, Vintage Books 2017.
The Wakeful World, Emma Restall Orr, John Hunt Publishing 2012.
Wolf Milk: Chthonic Memory in the Deep Wild, Martin Shaw, Cista Mystica 2019.

Devotional Polytheism

Avalon Within, Jhenah Telyndru, Llewellyn 2010.
The Orphic Hymns, Patrick Dunn (transl.), Llewellyn 2018.
The Path of Shadows, Gwendolyn Taunton, Manticore Press 2018.
The Practical Art of Divine Magic, Patrick Dunn, Llewellyn 2019.

Esoterica, Tarot and the Occult

On Becoming an Alchemist, Catherine MacCoun, Trumpeter 2008.
Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom,
Rachel Pollack, Weiser Books 2019.
Tarot Beyond the Basics,
Anthony Lewis, Llewellyn 2014.
The Path of Alchemy
, Mark Stavish, Llewellyn 2016.
The Psychic Protection Handbook, Caitlin Matthews, Piatkus Books Ltd 2005.
Verdant Gnosis Vols. 1-5, Catamara Rosarium et al., Revelore Press 2017-2019.

Mythology and Storytelling

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Robin Skelton and Margaret Blackwood, Penguin 1990.
The Mabinogion,
Sioned Davies (transl.), Oxford University Press 2007.
Women Who Run with the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ballantine 1996.

Notable Magical Fiction

Black Ships, Jo Graham, Redhook 2008.
Jitterbug Perfume,
Tom Robbins, Bantam 1990.
Shades of Magic Series, V.E. Schwab, Tor Books 2018.
The Oracle Glass
, Judith Merkle Riley, Sourcebooks Landmark 2012.

Oracle and Tarot Decks

The Druid Animal Oracle, Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, Connections 2007.
The Druid Plant Oracle,
Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, Connections 2007.

People Doing Interesting Things

Blood and Spicebush School of Old Craft
Fiddler’s Green Peculiar Parish Magazine
Gods and Radicals Press
Land Sea Sky Travel
Rosarium Blends and Bookstore
Uusi Design Studio
Viridis Genii Symposium

Personal Blogs

Cailleach’s Herbarium by Scott Richardson-Read
Fruits of Annwn by Lorna Smithers
Gather Victoria by Danielle Prohom Olson and Jennifer Aikman


Bone and Sickle (
Lore (
Radio Free Golgotha (

Trance Possession and Prophetic Arts

Drawing Down the Spirits, Kenaz Filan and Raven Kaldera, Destiny Books 2009.
Lifting the Veil
, Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, Acorn Guild Press 2016.
The Way of the Oracle, Diana L. Paxson, Weiser Books 2012.


Charms, Spells & Formulas, Ray T. Malbrough, Llewellyn 1986.
Folk Witchcraft
, Roger J. Horne, Moon Over the Mountain Press 2019.
Liber Nox, Michael Howard, Skylight Press 2014.
Plants of the Devil, Corinne Boyer, Three Hands Press 2017.
Under the Witching Tree, Corinne Boyer, Troy Books 2016.
Welsh Witches and Wizards, Michael Howard, Three Hands Press 2009.