Hades Day 2

Like many young people, I grew up on a steady diet of myth and story. Greek mythology was a cornerstone of this diet; one of my oldest memories is piling into the elementary school gymnasium on a rainy day to watch Clash of the Titans with my classmates. (The, ahem, 1981 version. Yes, I am *that old*.) My first awareness of Hades, and most of the Hellenic pantheon, came from exposure to the classics in school. 

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Descent Journey

A Collective Dreaming Poem, Inspired by Persephone

Black and shimmering, a shrouded woman
Beckons me to take the journey down to
Where Shades kiss me on the forehead
Gifts are not always obvious at first glance –
Crossing a river, making a long journey
Sometimes fills me with a fear that makes it hard to breathe…

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