Deepening Into Shadow

Exciting announcement! Murphy Robinson and I are back this month with another FREE Way of the Weaver webinar: DEEPENING INTO SHADOW. This is a free online event, but you must register to attend — only 100 spots are available, and we hope to see you there! Deep magic, great community.

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Descent Journey

A Collective Dreaming Poem, Inspired by Persephone

Black and shimmering, a shrouded woman
Beckons me to take the journey down to
Where Shades kiss me on the forehead
Gifts are not always obvious at first glance –
Crossing a river, making a long journey
Sometimes fills me with a fear that makes it hard to breathe…

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Watching curling smoke trail from burning incense always touches that which is Otherworldly in me. Twisting and drifting outside of time, the wisps of smoke mesmerize me, hold my gaze. Disappearing on the wind, lingering scents speaking ancient incantations. I want to cultivate more of this sort of mystery-unfolding-languid-unfurling enchantment in my life; I want to…

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